Revolution, Revelation

Anytime one comes into a new environment, I think, one learns more about oneself. This has absolutely been my experience coming to Davidson. I have learned many things about myself, but one especially stands out. I might even consider my most significant revelation a sort of small-scale personal revolution. It came to my attention shortly after coming here that I had essentially been ignoring a part of myself for a very long time. I have always considered myself “straight,” simply because that seemed to be the norm, and I hadn’t put much thought into it, but I now realize that this hasn’t ever really been the case. Once I fully saw this within myself, I found that to ignore it would be to be dishonest with myself.

Until now, I have only spoken with a select few about this – the people close to me who have supported me in working through this revelation. I have struggled somewhat with the idea of “coming out” on principal, because I believe that this practice only perpetuates the assumption that everyone is straight. However, because this is an existing assumption, to “come out” seems the only way to be open about this with close friends and family, and to the world. So, this is kind of my way of “coming out” to the world, but it is also a poem simply about self-reflection, revelation, and personal revolution.

Revolution is simply
into a new environment,
I am suddenly
the only thing I know,
Everything else?
Brand new.
Anything I don’t know
about myself
Or rather,
Everything I haven’t noticed
Suddenly cries out
“Acknowledge me!”
All the colors
of my being
Suddenly become clear.
Is it a revolution?
I have not changed at all,
I am simply seeing
for the first time
That which has been there
All along.
The revelation
is the revolution.
And I,
Finally understanding,
have found home within myself
Before I even noticed
I had ever been lost.


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